Services and Pricing

Photography of Art

What separates Fire Dragon Color from other commercial photographers is that we only photograph art – not fashion, not food, not architecture. We specialize in photographing art and we understand print. The result is beautifully lit, true images that are optimized for print. We can photograph a single piece or an entire museum’s registry.

Color accuracy is our hallmark.

In Studio Photography
Includes color corrected digital files, burned to archival disks with contact sheet

Per piece $45
Multiple pieces $80 per hour
(Usually 2-4 pieces an hour depending on size and material)

On site photography
$80 per hour
2 hour minimum charge

4x5 transparency add $20 per piece
Includes 3-step bracket exposure

35 mm slides $3 each

Color Correction (For special techniques, retouching)
$80 per hour

Prepress Services

Drum Scans $45
Includes dust spotting, CD burn and color correction to transparency
Additional color correction $20-$40 (1/4 or 1/2 hour)

Flatbed Scans $20

Print ad single page $30
Includes reviewing and correcting to X1a specs, color image checking/adjusting, fixing font issues
Publications and collateral $80 per hour

SWOP Proofs
Single page $15
Spread $30
28x40” press sheet $85
By the square foot $15

Color Correction $80 per hour

Production Art $60 per hour

Press Checks $60 per hour

Fine Art Printing

Fire Dragon Color uses the finest archival materials in all its prints. High-color-gamut archival pigment inks are matched to papers made by the premiere paper mills of the world. When properly cared for, the prints or giclées made by Fire Dragon Color will last for over 100 years before noticeable fading will begin. The greatest care is taken to ensure the quality of every print.

Archival Pigment Printing is done on a variety of papers. All pricing is by the square foot and includes a 1” border around the images. (Canvas includes 3” border for stretching).

There are 3 categories of paper: canvas, fine art paper and photo paper

The canvas is varnished to your liking in matte, semigloss or glossy.

The fine art papers include premium papers from the finer paper mills around the world such as Hahnemuhle, Moab Paper Co. and Somerset. There are smooth papers, watercolor papers and other textured papers available.

The photo papers include traditional “RC” type papers, glossy, luster, semimatte and matte.

For an estimate of your print costs, please use the grid below

"Silence is so accurate." — Mark Rothko